I am...

the Delayed Critic 

Hello there! I am the Delayed Critic! But you can just call me Collin! Here is where you can find all of my reviews for the latest movies. From big blockbusters to upcoming Oscar contenders, I try and help you decide what new release movies to see!

My reviews are not like other movie critics reviews, as I am less harsh on movies than more snotty reviewers, but I am more critical than the average moviegoer! I am a good medium, which is great for you, as I'll be honest but not too brutal!

I mostly review new releases, but I will review movies out of theaters whenever I get the chance. Also, I don't want to be the only one seeing reviews in the community! I encourage you to go to the Delayed Critique twitter page and tweet your own reviews for the latest films. I would love to hear your thoughts too!

Finally, why is the title "Delayed Critique"? Well, my last name is De Lade (spelled different, said the same), and more important, its a catchy name! Am I right? 

Who am I?